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    Birdseye Statutory View – Colorado Juvenile Criminal System

    The Arrest

    1). Child is taken into custody. 19-2-502

    2). Parent or guardian is notified.19-2-507(1)

    3). Child is either:

                 A). Released to parent or guardian or 19-2-507(3)

                 B.) Placed into mandatory hold of Crime of Violence & screened 19-2-508(3)(c)(I)


    1). Screening by Screening Team (19-1-103(94.5). Using Detention Criteria of 19-2-212, 19-2-507 (2) & Colorado       Rules Juvenile Procedure # 3.7.

                 A). Juvenile is released with services 19-2-302

                 B). Juvenile is released to parent or guardian 19-2-507 (3)

                 C). Juvenile is placed in shelter 19-2-508(1)

                 D). Juvenile is placed in Staff Secure Facility 19-1-103(101.5)

                 E). Juvenile is placed in Temporary Holding Facility 19-2-507(1)

                 F). Juvenile is placed in Detention 19-5-507

    2). If juvenile is placed in Shelter, Staff Secure Facility, Temporary Holding Facility, or Detention, one or more of the      following actions are initiated within 48 hours.


    1). Release to parent or guardian 19-2-508 (3)

    2). Release with services 19-2-302

    3). Bail 19-2-508 (3), 19-2-509

    Case Filing

    1). Preliminary Investigation by District Attorney 19-2-510

                 A). Informal Adjustment 19-2-703

                 B). Diversion 19-2-303 & 19-2-704

                 C). Filing of Petition [Within 72 hours if in custody or in PTR Program-19-2-508(3)(E)(V)]


                 D). Direct filing in District Court 19-2-517

                             1). Sentence as an adult or a youthful offender 19-2-517(3)(a) 


    1). Advisement

                 A). Motion to transfer to District Court 19-2-518 or

                 B). Preliminary Hearing

    2). Motion to Transfer to District Court

                 A). Investigation & Hearing on Transfer (19-2-518(1)(A)(II)

                 B). Transfer to District Court 19-2-518D(7)

                 C). Entry of plea 19-2-708

                 D). Plea of Guilty 19-2-708 or Plea of Not Guilty 19-2-708

    3). Plea of Guilty 19-2-708

                 A). Deferred Adjudication 19-2-709

                 B). Adjudication

    4). Plea of Not Guilty 19-2-708

                 A). Adjudicatory Trial (Within 60 days) 19-2-708 & 801-805

    5). Finding of Guilt

                 A). Deferred Adjudication 19-2-709

                 B). Adjudication

    6). Not Guilty


    1). Presentence Investigation 19-2-905

    2). Sentencing Hearing (Within 45 Days of Adjudicatory Trial [19-2-804(3)], 19-2-906 


    1). Court may enter decree imposing any or a combination, as appropriate:

                 (a)       Commitment to DHS (19-2-909)

                 (b)       County Jail (19-2-911)

                 (c)        Detention (19-2-911)

                 (d)       Placement of custody with a relative or suitable person (19-2-912)

                 (e)       Probation (19-2-913)

                 (f)        Regimented juvenile training program (19-2-914)

                 (g)       Placement with social services (19-2-915)

                 (h)       Placement in hospital (19-2-916)

                 (i)         Fine (19-2-917)

                 (j)         Restitution (19-2-918)

    2). Judge may sentence as special offender (19-2-908)

                 (a)       Mandatory sentence offender

                 (b)       Repeat juvenile offender

                 (c)        Violent offender

                 (d)       Aggravated juvenile offender

    3). Sentence may include parent conditions (19-2-908)

    4). If sentence includes school attendance-notice to school is required

    5). If placement out of the home-court to consider criteria of 19-2-212, evaluation of 19-1-107, and 701(5)

    If Commitment Transition

    1). Community Referral and Review 19-2-210

                 (a)       Community placement

                 (b)       Juvenile Parole [Mandatory one year parole-19-2-909(1)(c), 19-2-1002 through 1004

                 (c)        Parole Discharge 19-2-1002(9)

    2). Juvenile Parole [Mandatory 1 year parole-19-2-909(1)(c), 19-2-1002 through 1004

                 (a)       Parole Discharge 19-2-1002(9)      

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