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    The Colorado Juvenile Justice System and Juvenile Parole I of II

    By Colorado Juvenile Criminal Defense Lawyer – H. Michael Steinberg

    Colorado Juvenile Pre-Sentence Report

    The Colorado Juvenile Justice System and Juvenile Parole – After serving a sentence in the equivalent of juvenile prison – the Division Of Youth Corrections (DYC) a juvenile is place on parole. This article addresses the terms and conditions of parole and the matter of parole violations.

    The Colorado Department of Human Services / Division of Youth Corrections

    Division of Youth Corrections – DYC Detention Facilities

    Juvenile detention facilities are used to house juveniles who have been charged but not adjudicated yet. If a juvenile is being “detained” awaiting trial – they are jailed in one of several facilities.

    The following are the main detention facilities in Colorado:

          • The Adams Youth Services Center (Brighton),
          • Gilliam Youth Services Center (Denver),
          • Grand Mesa Youth Services
          • Center (Grand Junction),
          • Marvin W. Foote Youth Services Center (Englewood),
          • Mount View Youth Services Center (Denver),
          • Platte Valley Youth Services Center (Greeley),
          • Pueblo Youth Service Center (Pueblo),
          • and Spring Creek Youth Services Center (Colorado Springs)

    Juvenile Commitment To The Division of Youth Corrections In Colorado

    The DYC Assessment Following A “Commitment”

    If a judge sentences a juvenile to the DYC – the first stop is one of four regional assessment centers. Once at the center a full assessment using tools developed to measure risk is used to determine the youth needs. The assessment takes place in al locked detention center and takes about 30 days. The intent of the assessment is to place the juvenile in a DYC facility and to develop a treatment plan.

    The Colorado Juvenile Justice System and Juvenile – The DYC Commitment Facilities

    After adjudication and following sentencing  the DYC places the juvenile in a juvenile state prison for the amount of time ordered by the judge. The majority of the sentences to DYC are for two years but juveniles adjudicated as “Aggravated Juvenile Offenders” can be sentenced to up to seven years, and may thereafter be transferred to the Colorado (Adult) Department of Corrections after the age of 18.

    Juveniles who are 10 to 20 years old may be committed to DYC for acts committed prior to the child’s 18th birthday. But, if at the time of sentencing, a juvenile has reached the age of 19, the juvenile can be sentenced to a county jail or to community corrections program.

    After the age of 21 – the Division on Youth Corrections loses jurisdiction of the juvenile and must be released or transferred to an adult prison.

    The Colorado Juvenile Justice System and Juvenile – The DYC’s Juvenile Facilities That House Committed Youth*

          • The Grand Mesa Youth Services Center (Grand Junction),
          • Lookout Mountain Youth Services Center (Golden),
          • Marvin W. Foote Youth Services Center (Englewood),
          • Mount View Youth Services Center (Denver),
          • Platte Valley Youth Services Center (Greeley),
          • Spring Creek Youth Services Center (Colorado Springs),
          • Sol Vista Youth Services Center (Pueblo),
          • and Zebulon Pike Youth Services Center (Colorado Springs) ALL house committed youth.
          • The Betty K. Marler Youth Services Center (Denver)
          • and the Ridge View Youth Services Center (Watkins) are state-owned, privately operated facilities that also house committed youth.

    * Some of these facilities also are used as temporary detention jails.

    The Colorado Juvenile Justice System and Juvenile – Examples Of Some Of The DYC Programs

    Sentenced Juveniles often take part in offense-specific treatment;

    1. social development programs;
    2. sexual abuse treatment programs;
    3. drug/alcohol intervention and treatment programs;
    4. individual, group and family counseling;
    5. psychological/psychiatric services;
    6. victim awareness and empathy education;
    7. academic and vocational education;
    8. recreational programs;
    9. spiritual, life and pastoral programs;
    10. community re-entry services.

    Juvenile Parole – How It Works

    At the end of the commitment to DYC – there is a mandatory six-month period of parole. The Colorado Juvenile Parole Board has the authority to extend parole by an additional 15 months if they deem it necessary. The parole officer is same Client Manager that was the juveniles closest contact while in the system.

    If the juvenile abides by the rules for the six-month parole period, he/she is discharged from the custody and the supervision of DYS and the case is closed.

    Colorado Juvenile Parole and Parole Revocation Proceedings (See Part II)

    If – on the other hand – the juvenile fails to comply with the rules and regulations of parole – parole may be revoked, and the juvenile returned to the juvenile locked facility.

    The Colorado Juvenile Justice System and Juvenile

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